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Industrial Park

The Montague Industrial Park is located in the southwest area of the city between Wilcox Street and Anderson Road and between Cook Street and Whitbeck Road. The Industrial Park contains a total of 157 acres with 16 acres currently available from the City. There is another 16 acres available from a private owner. There are three City owned parcels available ranging from .9 acre to 13.7 acres. The current asking price is $4,000 per acre, with a minimum of $4,000 per lot.

The area is zoned M-1, Light Industrial. Permitted uses include assembly, fabrication, manufacture, or treatment of various products and prepared materials. Also permitted are tool and die shops, public utility uses, and accessory buildings customarily incidental to the permitted principal uses.

The Industrial Park is approximately 4 miles from U.S. 31. An “all weather” truck route services the Industrial Park from U.S. 31. The truck route is a county primary road that has minimal traffic and posted speeds of 45 to 55 mph.

The Montague Industrial Park is served by the following utilities:
City Water Main12 inch
City Sanitary Sewer Main15 inch and 8 inch
MichCon Gas Main3 inch
Consumers Power Electric Line7200 volts
Verizon Telecommunications
Charter CommunicationsHigh Speed Internet

In 1992, the City upgraded the capacity of the water system with the installation of a 500,000-gallon water tank located within the Industrial Park.

Soil and Topography: Rubicon Sand, 0-6 percent slopes, well drained to moderately well drained.

Municipal Assistance

The Industrial Park has qualified as an Industrial Development District under Act 198, thus enabling projects within it to apply for Industrial Facilities Exemption Certificates (tax abatements).

Companies in Montague’s Industrial Park:

Shellcast, Inc.
5230 Industrial Park Dr.
Montague, MI 49437
PH: 231-893-8245
FAX: 231-894-2554
Contact: Bob Johnson & Laura Castonia
Established 1961

Double L Enterprises
5215 Industrial Park Dr.
Montague, MI 49437
PH: 231-894-5988
FAX: 231-894-8826
Contact Person: Kyle Lohman
Owners: Kyle & Jeff Lohman

Spectrum Illumination
5114 Industrial Park Dr.
Montague, MI 49437
PH: 231-894-4590
FAX: 231-894-4582
Owner/Contact Person: Dave Muyskens

Lathrop Machine
5020 Industrial Park Dr.
PO Box 255
Montague, MI 49437
PH: 231-894-5743
Owner/Contact Person: Ray Lathrop
Tool & Die work and CNC Machining

Leading Edge Fabricating Inc.
5315 Industrial Park Dr.
Montague, MI 49437
PH: 231-893-2605
FAX: 231-893-5402
Owner/Contact Person: Mark Vanderwest

White Lake Dock and Dredge
5145 Industrial Park Dr.
Montague, MI 49437
PH: 231-893-3205
FAX: 231-894-2143
Owner/Contact Person: Bob Gezon

Tower Laboratories
8060 Whitbeck Rd.
Montague, MI 49437
PH: 231-893-1472 Headquarters: 1-860-767-2127
FAX: 231-893-1485
Plant Manager: Loyal Norkett
Web Site:

Tower Laboratories Headquarters
#8 Industrial Park Road
PO Box 306
Centerbrook, CT 06409
Tower Labs was bought from L. Perrigo in 2006

Diversified Machine Inc., Montague
5353 Wilcox St.
Montague, MI 49437
PH: 231-894-9051
FAX: 231-894-4706
Plant Manager: Kevin Jacko
Contact Person: Lisa Stafford

Michael J. Clark Builders, LLC
8080 Whitbeck Rd.
Montague, MI 49437
PH: 231-894-6575
FAX: 231-894-6575
Residential, Light Commercial, Remodeling & Cabinetry

Seaver’s Lawn Service, Inc.
8128 Scharmer Drive
Post Office Box 241
Montague, MI 49437.0241
PH: 231-893-0776
FAX: 231-893-7206
Owner/Contact Person: Jack M. Seaver
Family owned and operated, landscape installation, grounds maintenance and snowplowing. Serving West Michigan since 1953.