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About Montague

In the heart of West Michigan, the City of Montague is a charming town nestled on the shore of scenic White Lake connecting to Lake Michigan. We invite you to explore our quaint downtown shopping district, family-friendly parks, and extensive bike trails. Whether you are here for a day, a week, or longer, there’s so much to see and do in every season!

We invite you to learn more about our city departments and services, special community events, the farmers’ market, weekly free concerts at the band shell, our industrial park, the Trailway RV Campground, as well as the parks, churches and public schools within the city.

The Village of Montague became a Fifth Class City in 1935 and has adjusted to change with calm and a forward-looking resolve to maintain its uniqueness as a friendly, small community. It is progressive enough to meet modern challenges on a solid base for merchants, professional services and industry, protecting its 19th century neighborhoods and welcoming 21st century residential growth. Montague looks to the future with confidence and an invitation to join in our growth and historical past.


According to the 2010 Census, Montague’s population was 2,361.

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The City of Montague consists of 2.67 square miles, or approximately 1,710 acres. The Montague mailing address (49437 Zip Code) covers approximately 65 square miles and the Montague School District covers approximately 115 square miles.

The high point in Montague is approximately 700 feet above sea level, found at Eilers Road and Dicey Street. The low point is found along the causeway just before the bridge, with an elevation of 582 feet above sea level.

Registered Voters:
As of November 4, 2008, there were 1,969 registered voters in the City of Montague. Of those, 1,426 voted in the November 2008 Presidential Election. As of November 6, 2012, there were 1,876 registered voters in the City and 1,274 of those voted in the 2012 Presidential Election.

Miles of Paved Street:
24.6 miles

Miles of Water Main:
28.7 miles

White Lake:
White Lake is surrounded by the governmental entities of the cities of Montague and Whitehall; and the townships of Montague, White River, Fruitland and Whitehall. These municipalities have a combined population of about 15,000 persons (2000 census), though the summer season population is estimated to be 19,000 – 23,000 persons or more, at times.

  • Surface area of four square miles, or 2,571 acres
  • Volume is 20 billion gallons
  • Mean depth is 23 feet
  • Maximum depth is 70 feet
  • Tributaries to White Lake include White River, Buttermilk Creek, Carlton Creek, Mill Pond Creek, Pierson Creek, Silver Creek, Bush Creek, Thomas Creek and Koon Creek.

Creeks in Montague:
Buttermilk, Koon and Thomas

Water Towers:
The City of Montague has two elevated storage tanks. The Scharmer tank was built in 1992, is 160 feet high, and holds 500,000 gallons of water. The Stanton tank was built in 1961, is 137 feet high, and holds 250,000 gallons of water.

Housing Units:
• 1,182 according to the 2010 Census
• 1,075 according to the 2000 census
• 970 according to the 1990 census
• 865 according to the 1980 census

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State Equalized ValueTaxable ValueMillage Rate
1991$25,665,700$25,665,70018.7 mils
2001$77,672,760$65,605,54917 mils
2002$82,211,350$66,639,03917 mils
2003$84,402,800$66,426,22217 mils
2004$88,875,000$70,590,36516.75 mils
2005$91,257,825$73,853,31316.25 mils
2006$92,870,194$76,523,86715.75 mils
2007$94,677,500$78,295,87615.75 mils
2008$99,663,900$83,159,68614.75 mils
2009$87,428,500$76,041,90014.75 mils
2010$89,656,700$77,436,43014.75 mils
2011$93,580,600$85,062,53614.75 mils
2012$89,140,500$82,352,73614.75 mils
2013$89,419,900$83,195,48916.75 mils
2014$93,920,700$86,150,63016.75 mils
2015$94,202,800$88,409,89016.75 mils
  • The Montague Wildcats high school football team were the Division 6 State Champions in 2008 and 2009!
  • In 1990, the American Water Works Association – Michigan Section recognized the City Of Montague for “Best Tasting Water.”
  • The National Arbor Day Foundation designated the City of Montague as a TREE CITY USA for the first time in 2003.
  • Montague was incorporated as a city in 1935, while Whitehall became a city officially in 1942.
  • Montague is the home town of Miss America 1961, Nancy Fleming.
  • President Abraham Lincoln’s first cousin, Hanna Lincoln Sammis, is buried in a little cemetery on the north side of Eilers Road, between Besser Court and Cook Street (in Montague Township).
  • The Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness, Health and Sports has recognized the City of Montague with a “Promoting Active Communities Award” in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.